In addition to rank, we have organized our players into Roles that help to coordinate individual's contributions to the clan.  There are two classifications that these roles fall under, Squads and Jobs.

Breach Squad

• Enters the enemy base and eliminates defending team.

• Holds the breach during the raid.

• Secures the base and the loot by quickly sealing the breach.

Perimeter Squad

• Maintains close proximity to the raid target.

• Controls the area around the raid target.

• Defeats counter raiders.

• Prevents enemy players from entering the breach from outside.

Overwatch Squad

• Provides cover and intel to the other teams.

• Builds and stays inside the raid tower.


When recruited into NOR, an initiate will be assigned the new recruit rank and be required to choose a squad.  NOR has three squads which designates the activity to be performed during large raids.  Recruits must choose their squad carefully, as transferring to other squads is not allowed as we would like to encourage a player to specialize in their chosen skillset, and continue to improve this skillset.  This ensures that we have all our aces in their places during the raids.  The player's chosen Squad designation will be carried with a recruit as they work their way up in the ranks.



Recruits new players into the clan.  Submits recruiting posts and uses social media to promote the clan.

Task Manager

• Records logs of player activity.

• Uses player data to verify accuracy of logs.

• Communicates with the Recruit Managers and Sargents to determine quality of a recruit's contributions to the clan.

• Works with Master Sargents to recommend promotions.

Recruit Manager

• Helps new recruits to become acquainted with the clan structure.

• Refills the vending machines in the recruit base.

• Organizes loot in the recruit base.

• Maintains communication with Master Sargeants and provides recommendations on promotions.