Ex Member Vlegends- “I have lots of friends that used to be in NOR…. Better watch out Gray…”

Ex Member Fathippo- “I joined NOR so I could be a base bitch and a farm bot. I code raided NOR after gray told me to go to combat tags and practice”

Ex Member Crock- “I farmed 10 boxes of sulfur and then they banned me because I died when I was coming back from my farm run with the 11th box of sulfur”

Ex Member Prophet- “Yea I was in NOR for a few months. I farmed more in those 2 months then I did throughout my 2000 hours of playing”

Ex Member SNOW- Don’t Join NOR!!! Unless you’re a shitter. If you’re not a shitter then Gray will scream at you for nothing until you leave because he wants his farm bots to think he’s a god”

Random guy#1- “we get codes from roleplaying recruits every single wipe EZ NOR EZ SHITTERS”

Random guy #2- “I left the server NOR was on after I 1v20 the entire clan when they where raiding. All I had was a bow lmao. Anyway after they were all dead I despawned their rockets and my loot because I knew they would be back at 3am to offline me. NOR= NEVER ONLINE RAID!!!”

Random guy#3- “I code raid NOR the first of the month every month”

Mike the vike- “Its Sunday evening and they have how many people online???”

ShackyHD- “Today I met a clan named NOR. I think it means NOT OUR RAMEN”